The Author

Hi and assalamualaikum.

My name is Nur Syahirah Zulkeffele. Everyone call me IRA and will be mine nickname forever. Get wished birthday on every 07th March, raised in Terengganu, Malaysia. Every single day me not worry about getting so old cause of you I am a better version of me. Dengan izin-Nya.

In characters? To be honest I'm the type of person who is very awkward and hard to give a smile when first meet, but once I get to know them I don't shut up and they know everything. I'm that queit girl who is absolutely insane with her friends. I'm also an ailurophile and really love them more then I love myself. Do you feel me? I really love mother nature like the sound of waves rolling onto the beach or insect in the jungle and any kind of outdoor activities like travelling, camping, hiking. Try me.

Turn's on? The person who take the first step to know me (me is shy-shy meoww maa) teehee. Second, people with a good sense of humor, humble people, open minded and heartless sebabnya mulut aku ni boleh tahan ikut lepas jugaklah. Haha sorry not sorry !

Turn offs? He/she not a smoker because i really hate the smell of cigarette smoke. It gives me a headache and my clothes stink.

Writing is my part-time (for now). I started blogging since I was seventeen and started into here just for fun. After sometimes I realized I'm falling in love with 'MEANT TO BE'. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I do :)

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